The Next Billion Dollar Disruption. You Read About It Here First

Hot new technology will soon disrupt the business of Hollywood, and almost nobody sees it coming.

If there's anything true about high tech, it's that the big fortunes are made when a new technology disrupts an existing industry. The money to be made is greatest when 1) the industry being disrupted is bureaucratic and inefficient, and 2) the new technology transcends, rather than merely automates, the previous processes.

Early in my career, I lived through and participated in, one of the biggest disruptions of all time: desktop publishing. Within ten years, photo-offset printing setups that cost millions of dollars each were replaced by PCs and laser printers. Entire job categories and companies disappeared. Millions lost their jobs but entrepreneurs made untold billions of dollars.

While I built my career riding that wave, I was too young and inexperienced to start my own company until the revolution was over. Now, as I see another, even more amazing technology about to massively disrupt another hidebound, inbred industry, I'm past the point where I want to start my own company. Too much damn work. (I'm a lazy S.O.B., truth be known.)

So I'm going to share with all you readers what I absolutely know is about to happen. I say "absolutely" because entirely by accident I'm uniquely positioned to see the disruption coming and uniquely qualified to explain how it's going to happen. And, strangely perhaps, it has nothing whatsoever to do most of the stuff I write about in this column.

So let's get started but, bear with me and be patient, because I'm going to explain this in my own way and without trying to package the concept with a nice, neat bow. Put on your thinking cap.

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Axis Studios debuts immersive VR film ‘The Bond’

We are thrilled to announce the official launch our first virtual reality short film titled The Bond, available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and written directed by Olly Reid.

The Bond stands as Axis Studios’ first project release in the medium of VR. The studio has combined its expertise in real-time technology with its rich history in storytelling to create a truly immersive experience. The Bond, which is part-funded by Scottish Enterprise, has been crafted to capitalize on the unique attributes of VR, in an experience that places the viewers in multiple characters and enables them to engage with the surrounding world from a variety of dynamic perspectives.

The Bond & building a world

The Bond follows TiaMuati as she uses her mystical powers to watch over the creatures of the alien ecosystem of LuKara. In a trance, she can see the threads of energy that connect her and every living being to each other. She seeks out animals in trouble and ‘spirit walks’ into their minds. Audiences follow TiaMuati on these journeys, suddenly finding themselves inhabiting terrified prey and tiny insects. The Bond plays with some of VR’s most powerful tools, allowing viewers to experience new perspectives, inhabit strange bodies, and feel totally immersed in its rich and startling world.

The design of The Bond was developed by the artists Shanti Rittgers and Ivan Shavrin who created a range of fantastical flora and fauna designs that hint at an interconnected and consistent web of life.

Olly Reid, director of The Bond, comments:

The Bond is set in an incredibly rich and detailed world, which isn’t easy to pull off in VR. I am incredibly proud of the amazing work the team has produced, as we sought to bring this story and world to life. Virtual reality is the perfect medium to create powerful, immersive experiences for audiences. I’m excited to see what the future holds for VR as a storytelling tool, I can’t wait to be part of it.”

Artists at Axis Studios’ three locations in Glasgow, Bristol and London collaborated on The Bond under the direction of Reid. The Bond was a completely self-initiated project from start to end: all initial concept art and pre-visualisation work, animation, and lighting was completed internally at the studio.

The team also collaborated with Submersion Audio (Dear Angelica, Henry) and composer Wevie to create The Bond’s soundscape, exploring binaural and spatial audio to create unusual sounds for each of the film’s creatures and those concealed within the depths of the forest.

Richard Scott, CEO of Axis Studios, comments:

“Axis Studios is built on the ability to tell impeccable stories, and we’ve used real-time tools at the studio for several years now. The Bond has been a fascinating journey in combining these skills and discovering how far we can push the VR medium.”


The Bond was built in Unreal Engine and designed for experience on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. It is available to download on the Oculus Store and HTC’s VIVEPORT from today!